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20 Fall Activities for Everyone

Updated September 6, 2022

Enjoy this list of fun activities that make the most of the crisp autumn weather. Whether you're venturing out solo, with your partner, friends or the whole family we've got you covered!

  1. Go apple picking (Downey's Farm, Chudleigh's, Brantview Apples)
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch (Benjamin Tree Farm, Snyder's Farm, Good Family Pumpkins)
  3. Plan out your Halloween costume
  4. Go for a nature hike
  5. Collect and identify leaves - great learning activity for kids!
  6. Plant your garden bulbs for next spring
  7. Take a country drive
  8. Collect pinecones and get crafty to spruce up your home for the upcoming holidays
  9. Visit a petting zoo - if you're local, Eby Farmstead located in the center of Waterloo Park is home to a variety of animals including llamas, peacocks, chickens, potbelly pigs, miniature ponies, goats and more!
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go on a wine or brewery tour
  12. Write down what you're thankful for
  13. Bake fall treats - or pick some up at a local cafe! (CE Food Experience, Cafe Pyrus, Crushed Almond, Nova Era, Smile Tiger)
  14. Have a scary movie night
  15. Transition your closet from summer to fall - this is a great time to donate unwanted items too (find a bin)
  16. Pick up apple fritters and hot apple cider from your local farmer's market (St. Jacob's Farmers Market, Kitchener Market, Herrle's)
  17. Host a potluck Thanksgiving
  18. Take family photos
  19. Have a bonfire - s'mores mandatory
  20. Start your Christmas shopping - see our blog post: 8 Essential Tips to Keep Your Holiday Spending in Check

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