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Essential Holiday Gift Guide – Under $50!

With Black Friday right around the corner, what better time to release our team’s top holiday gift picks all under $50! So deck the halls, sip some eggnog, throw on your favourite holiday pj’s and relax because we’ve got you covered.

  1. Gift cards – we know, some people hate giving gift cards and see it as an impersonal “cop-out” to a gift but we disagree. The only sure fire way to ensure someone loves what you get them…is to let them pick it. If you want to add more of a personal touch, get a gift card to a store you know they love, that way it still shows you care and put some thought into it.
  2. Tile Mate – this is the perfect gift for that person who is always losing things. We all know someone like this and let’s be serious, even for the most organized person this device comes in handy. You simply add this little white square to your key chain, slip it in your wallet, purse, laptop case etc. and with the Tile App on your phone you can see your item’s location on the map and even ring the device if it’s nearby.
  3. Silent squeak dog toy - great for your own pet (yes they deserve Christmas presents too) or your animal lover friends and family. What’s great is that these toys still squeak, but only in a frequency your dog can hear!
  4. Party games - a great source of entertainment that can be played over and over at all of your gatherings. Bonus: it can be opened right away at your holiday event and used to bring everyone together for a fun activity. Some of our favourites are Apples to Apples Junior (kid friendly), Cards Against Humanity (hilarious, contains adult content), Monopoly (a classic), What Do You Meme? (great for the millennial on your list).
  5. DavidsTea gift set - we are a group of tea-aholics here. We absolutely love the “24 More Sleeps” tea advent calendar, try a new flavour every day!
  6. Yeti Tumbler - everyone needs a good travel mug and Yeti does not disappoint. It keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot until the last drop. Plus they come in an array of styles and colours for everyone on your list.
  7. Portable charger - let’s face it, like it or not today’s world revolves around technology. Keep your devices running wherever you are with a portable power bank.
  8. Essential oil car scenter -  infuse your vehicle with the same blends you love at home in your diffuser. Traditional car fresheners are full of hazardous chemicals and artificial scents, swap it out for something more natural to keep you soothed, uplifted and refreshed while you’re on the road.

Happy shopping!

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