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What is a Trusted Contact Person?

What is a Trusted Contact Person? A Trusted Contact Person (TCP) is someone you give us written consent to contact...

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Alert: TFSA Limit 2019

There has been speculation the last few months that the Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit may be increased next year...

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CRM2 – Client Fees and Regulatory Changes

Over the last several years the investment industry has been going through a number of changes, many in the background...

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Industrial Alliance Acquisition of HollisWealth

December 5, 2016 it was announced that an agreement has been reached that will see Industrial Alliance (iA) acquire HollisWealth...

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An example: the impact of the new government housing rules.

  Provided to us by Patti Lewis, Mortgage Agent at Invis, an example of the impact the new government rules will have...

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